Weekly Worship Gathering:
Sunday @ 10:30 am


We believe worship begins when we walk into the door so we embrace our gathering time as an opportunity to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and enjoy what are often homemade refreshments.


Each time we gather for worship we receive communion. We believe that communion is a physical expression of a spiritual grace. It beautifully, and intimately, connects us to both one another and God.


We believe that music enables us to express the creative nature of God beyond the bounds of normal speech. Our worship music is not a time to sit back and listen, but a way for us all to participate in worship together.


We are a community that embraces the Bible as foundational to our faith. We do not believe that it should be set aside for only a few to interpret, but believe that we all have a responsibility to seek God’s Word in our lives. To this end, sermons are shared by multiple people from within and out of our community.

Casual Dress

People will be in everything from t-shirts & jeans to slacks & sport coats (mostly the former).


Childcare and Sunday School is always provided during our Worship Gatherings.
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