Will Choate

Will Choate is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and founding pastor of Argenta UMC. He has a Bachelor’s in Business Finance from Arkansas State University, and a Master’s of Theology from Southern Methodist University. His passion is creating places for people to connect with God and one another so they might participate in the life of God here and now. For Will, the church has been the richest and most powerful manifestation of that life. 

Will is married to Audra Choate and they have two children, Norah and Bo.

Katelyn Avery

Katelyn has been at Argenta UMC since 2016, first as a member, now as the administrative assistant.

Argenta UMC has played a special role in Katelyn’s life, even helping to introduce her and her husband, Justin. They now call downtown Little Rock home and love the easy access to everything the Argenta community has to offer.

Katelyn is passionate about organizing and creating experiences that bring people closer to themselves and to others, and appreciates the unique way that Argenta accomplishes both for so many.

Marcus & Michelle Swope

Marcus and Michelle Swope are members of Argenta United Methodist. They have been married for 16 years and have one daughter, Birdie. Michelle and Marcus have a passion for serving others and living out their faith in practical ways.

As a couple, the Swopes facilitate groups that offer opportunities of connection with one another as a Christian community. Some groups are in homes, some in the church, and some are out in the community, group activity varies. Whether watching movies, sharing meals, reading books, making crafts, packing meal boxes, or just hanging out, each group offers the unique gift of connecting with community.

Marcus and Michelle both look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested in joining a group, leading a group, or learning more about community service with fellow Argenta people, please reach out. Our emails are Marcus@argentaumc.org and/or Michelle@argentaumc.org.

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